Frequently Asked Questions

NiteOwl is a multifaceted nightlife directory. Find the best venues according to your preferences, and then view live data at those venues such as crowdedness, line wait time, and cover charge! You can also view upcoming events and live special deals that your favorite venues put out in real time.

You earn points by:

  1. Adding live feedback to bar cards
  2. Checking in at venues
  3. Sending an invite to new users


Each time you do one of these actions, a point is added to your total, and you are closer to reaching the next level. For each successive level you reach, your owl avatar will upgrade and you may be elegible to receive invites to exclusive pop up parties.

If you know of a bar or club that is not shown in NiteOwl, please email support@niteowlllc.com with the name and address and we will add it as soon as possible.

NiteOwl can see your location only if you allow it. Just like many other popular apps such as Uber and Waze. Always allowing location tracking, even while not using the app, helps your user experience by allowing us to send you helpful notifications during a night out such as where to avoid lines and how to earn extra points by adding feedback. Similar to when Waze asks quick yes/no questions like if there is still a police car on the side of the road when you pass it.

If you want to delete your NiteOwl account, just tap “Delete Account” in the Security section of the Profile page.

Keep in mind, there is no way to recover your account once it has been deleted.

For any other specific questions, please contact us at our support email: support@niteowlllc.com

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