Understanding Our Icons

To help you make the most of your night, here’s an explanation of some of the icons you will find on our app user interface. Look out for these icons on the product’s pages.


You can like your favorite venues in the top right corner of every bar card and (find them stored in Favorites on the Profile tab)


: a small number of people

: somewhat crowded

: crowded

: very crowded hard to move


Each venue's rating is indicated by a four-pointed star on the bar card and is based on a five-point scale.


You can check in to nearby venues and give feedback on crowdedness, wait time, and cover charge. Click the check-in icon in the top right corner of the bar card. Earn points for checking in and giving feedback, which can be redeemed for rewards and improve your avatar program status.

Line Data

We offer live line wait estimates for 40+ popular Chicago venues in the West Loop, Wrigleyville, Old Town, Gold Coast, and River North locations on Friday and Saturday nights, including the number of people in line and the estimated wait time.